Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sale section....

Hi all!  I just added several pieces to a sale section in my shop on Etsy.  Mainly they are designs from Spring and Summer and even a couple from Fall and Winter of 2011! 

This is a last chance section.  I've been asked by a couple of different organizations to make donations and whatever doesn't sell will be donated, re-purposed or I'll be adding to my own personal collection!

I'm pretty sure I have a few more pairs of simple beaded earrings that I had made as fillers for the show I had planned to do this Fall.  Unfortunately, the show has been cancelled.  I won't be doing any other shows this Fall.  Really, I'm totally ok with this.  I really enjoy selling online, but shows not so much. 

I'm going to try getting everything I have together and add them to the sale section, so please check back over the next week or so!  Perfectly priced to stock up on gifts for co-workers, in laws, stocking stuffers etc..

Have a fabulous Tuesday!  :)

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