Thursday, September 20, 2012

Out and about...

Upon doing a little bit of self reflection, I have noticed that I just don't get out enough.  I think I must be reclusive by nature, and I have been giving into the desire to stay home too much.  It's too easy to do with my work here, work that I love maybe a little too much sometimes.  It's all about seeking balance.

So I told myself that I would make a point to get out and about at least once a week and do something I hadn't done before or wouldn't ordinarily do.  Or just go out and do something. 

So, not last night, but the night before (24 robbers came knocking on my door...) ;)
I took myself out on a little nature walk.  Or as much nature you can get in the suburbs between two major cities.  The girls were at their piano lessons and I had about 40 minutes to kill.  There happens to be a very nice park near the teacher's house that my husband runs through on a regular basis.   (I only run outdoors when it's cool outside.  I'm very pampered that way.)

I followed the crowd along the walking/biking trail that runs through the park.  And was pleasantly surprised to find a woodland haven!  The trees form a perfect canopy over a good portion of the trail, lots of undergrowth.  A stream running through.  It was glorious...

                                           This time of year there were acorns everywhere:

And the color of these berries were amazing.

I found this in the grass.  

 Bright yellow!  Some sort of wild sunflower I suspect.

 It was really nice out, and I really did get lost in the woods.  Just for a minute.  Lost in the sense that I completely forgot this park is flanked on it's perimeters by two major freeways, and just felt the strength and beauty of the woods.  

So nice, that I went and ran the trail yesterday morning.  And took the girls there for a walk last night.  The oldest was pouting because I didn't let her bring her scooter.  But cheered up and started collecting acorns and shells by the little stream.  The little one talked non stop about this and that, so there went the quiet of being in the woods.  :)

It did get me to thinking about visiting other walking/biking trails in the area.  So that will be another adventure after I've thoroughly checked this trail out.  

 Picture taken so she can remember to put it on her Christmas wish list. :)

  Love how she was in silhouette here.  Wish I'd had my real camera with me!


  1. Pretty sure I had one of those big Hello Kitty dolls when I was her age. Loved that thing. :)

    1. I had a big Snoopy! Loved him until he wasn't white anymore!