Saturday, September 15, 2012

Letters that will never be sent..

Dear Duchess of Cambridge,

I know you were born a commoner and all, but the Royal Family has a bit of a history with the paparazzi.  They like to stalk them and take pictures of them doing all sorts of things.  When you are on vacation, you may think you are alone but you are never really alone.  When you become an HRH you might want to consider not tanning topless on your balcony with your handsome new husband.  Just saying....

Dear lady who took a master step class for the very first time and decided to set up in the first row,

I can tell you think that you are some sort of super athlete or something the way you were bouncing all around your bench this morning.  In case you weren't aware, Master Step has a lot of complex choreography.  We move quickly from one side of the bench to the other, and I've personally witnessed two ladies break their legs in this class.  When you decide to set up in the front row in your neon pink top, and you are going one direction while the rest of the class is going in the other direction you are a big distraction.  When we are all following the instructor's routine and you are following your own routine to a totally different beat you are very distracting.  Please set up in the back row next time.  Just saying.....

Dear Sunny,

You mentioned awhile back about wanting to write a blog post about how everyone farts in their studios.  I really hope you write it, because if I have to look at one more pretty blog with one more pretty girl living the seemingly perfect life I'm going to do more than just roll my eyes into the back of my head.  Thanks for keeping it real sister!  Just saying.... ;)


  1. Oh Amy, you are so funny! If I lived in Fort Worth we'd be best friends or at least I'd stalk you. You make me laugh.

    1. We'd have great fun wouldn't we? We could hop in your vintage trailer and make fun of topless Duchesses!