Friday, August 10, 2012

How to put on a metal cuff bracelet

First a confession.  I took a class last year in which one of the projects was making a copper cuff bracelet.  So, I'm sitting there watching the instructor and one gentleman forming a cuff on a stake.  I'm the only woman nearby, and  they hand the cuff to me to try on to see if it fits.

I try to jam it on right above the wrist bone thinking that since that's where the cuff sits when worn, that must be where you put it on right?  I couldn't get it on, so I give it back saying it doesn't fit.  Must need more forming.

The instructor grins and asks politely, "Do you know the proper way to put on a cuff bracelet?"  Uhhhh, I guess not.....  ;-)  Well, I'll be darned if he didn't show me how it's done.  And it makes so much sense.

Putting a cuff bracelet on properly is important because even though the cuff may be flexible,  pulling it in and out of shape repeatedly will weaken the metal.  Possibly causing the metal to break!   My cuffs are made of sterling silver, hard soldered, and should last a lifetime if handled properly.  Here's how it's done:

 First you begin with the cuff bracelet.  This is one of my skinny stacking bracelets. 

 About half way up your lower arm, position one end of the cuff bracelet in the middle of the underside of your arm.  You will put some pressure, but not so much that it hurts.

After the cuff is anchored on one side, slide the other end of the cuff over the top of your arm until the cuff moves freely on your arm.

And here we are!  The cuff hasn't been distorted out of shape at all.  
The cuff can be removed in the same way.

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