Thursday, October 27, 2011

Magic Moon Catchers...

 These earrings ended up differently than I had originally intended.  
You see, a few days ago a friend asked if I had ever thought of making 
dream catcher earrings.  


Right away I started designing them in my head, made a quick sketch and decided to make them when I had time....

As I began making these earrings yesterday, they evolved from my original design...
into Magic Moon Catchers.

The stick pearl tails are reminiscent of dream catchers.

It seems the idea stuck in my head and decided to come out in my work.

I love it when that happens!

A pair of crescent moons in patterned sterling silver feature 8mm fabulous rainbow moonstones.  The tails are made up of fresh water stick pearls and lapis beads. 

These earrings measure 4" in length from the top of the ear wire. 

I posted a preview pic yesterday, and have had a couple of inquiries.
If you would like to reserve these earrings, I will be listing them in my
own store.  Email me at
if you are interested! 

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