Sunday, October 16, 2011


I just want to say Thank you , thank you, thank you to all of you wonderful people who stopped by the show over the past couple of days.
My build your own charm necklace was a big success, and I enjoyed seeing many of my creations go home with some of the nicest people around.

My favorite parts of the whole show were:
Buyers who were "handmade" buyers, they knew what they wanted and what it was they were getting.
The customers I had who thanked me for doing what I do!
The customers who have returned every year for the past three years to add to their Amy Nicole collections.
Past customers who didn't buy this year, but still came by to say Hi and to inquire if I remembered them. (Of course I remember you!!!)
And a lovely blog reader who stopped by to tell me that she reads my blog and enjoys my posts.  

You all made every ounce of extra work involved getting ready for this show worth it! 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  :-)


  1. Aw sounds like you had a great show. I'm so gonna do day lol ♥

  2. Sounds just great! Don't you love watching people react to your work? Congratulations on a good show.