Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Charm Necklaces...

All listed now in my Etsy shop!

These charm necklaces are a combination of all things I am into right now.  Roller printing, copper and bronze clays, ceramic beads.

The charm necklace is my new favorite thing.  I love making charms, I love putting the necklaces together, and I love wearing them!  They are too much fun to fidget with.

In other news, my oldest got the entire family sick.
 (including my poor Mom who had the misfortune to visit while we were passing a heinous cold around to eachother)
She is happily on the mend and the rest of us feel like crud.  I hate being sick...


  1. Miss Amy! These are adorable! Love the charms you made, they rock!

  2. The necklaces are adorable...I love them. I love wearing jewelry that I can fidget with. Hope everyone feels better soon.

  3. How cool! These are awesome:) I LOVE that ring that holds the charms too- your work is gorgeous down to even the hardware!

  4. Thank you girls! Silver charm necklaces are next!