Thursday, August 11, 2011

The last day...

I guess I'm working backward here in sharing the last day of our vacation first. We were by the San Francisco airport looking for a good place to eat breakfast when lo and behold, what before my eyes should appear? The See's candy factory in San Bruno!

Hubby nearly had a wreck slamming on the brakes to get me there! ;-)

Growing up, we would visit the See's candy store in the mall whenever we went to Reno. It is the sweetest memory of my childhood.

We were hoping to take a tour, but alas, they didn't offer tours.

I instead had to soothe myself with a hand picked pound of See's best caramel, almond and milk chocolate combinations.

I am a happy girl. I'll worry about the weight gain later! :-)


  1. The best candy! One year for Christmas, my boss sent me a pound of See's candy, first time I had ever had was not my last.

  2. So glad you enjoyed it! I love -- and so remember -- that store. I once almost got a job working for the company, but lost out to someone that fit their ethos better.

  3. Oooh looks like a great place to have visited. I took the 'Cadbury' (chockie brand from here/uk) factory tour when I holidayed in Tasmania and it was sooooo cool. Enjoy those treats!

  4. Enjoy with no regrets!!

    I was in a service business for many years, throughout the holidays I used to get box after box of See's candy WAY too much. A good friend of mine visited his family in Germany for the holidays each year so I'd make a big stack of boxes for him to distribute there. It seems those Germans, known for their delicious chocolate looked forward to See's for a real treat.

    Hope you had a nice cool vaca.