Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Keeping personal business private..

I've been thinking a lot about minimizing the exposure of my personal life when it comes to the Internet. Take Facebook for example. I currently have a personal page, and a fan page for each of my shops. Recently I've had several people whose names I don't recognize to be added as a friend on my personal page. I'm sure they are just people who have found me through my various business interactions on the web, but I feel strange approving them to be friends of my personal page.

I talk about my kids once in awhile here, but my FB page has all kinds of pics of them and other family members and friends. I have all my settings set so that only friends can see my pics and posts, but today with that whole thing about FB publishing phone numbers really decided for me what I've been thinking of doing for awhile now.

I guess what held me back is not wanting to look like a real witch. You know, like I didn't want to associate with people I've met on the web.

So, know this. I appreciate everyone who has taken an interest in me and my work. I love getting to know you, interacting with you, and sharing my work with you. So here's the deal.
You can find me here on my blog, you can follow me on Twitter Here My fan page for Amy Nicole Artisan Jewelry
is Here and my fan page for my findings shop is Here

If you are interested in following the little bit of leather work I've done, the best place to keep up with me is on my blog.

Over the next couple of days I'll be editing my personal Facebook page to only include those who I know personally, and have interacted with recently. Thank you for understanding that I am only trying to protect my family.


  1. the phone numbers have been there all along, they just went un-noticed till someone pointed it out. I always left mine off and when I checked again after someone said something today, mine is still not there. You just have to watch what you post on your pages. Of course, since I've had web pages and such for over 15 years, my number is easy to find. I wouldn't get too worried each time one of these emails goes around about the latest terrible thing fb is doing, they are usually false.

  2. Funny, I went thru this same thought process last week....I think you are making the right move. I think I should get more serious about what I want to do about all the social networking.