Saturday, June 25, 2011

One happy girl...

Have you guys seen these things?  Feather Locks?

It is the latest and greatest and of course my nine year old had to have one.

I saw an article on Yahoo awhile back about how they latest trend was to put fly ties in hair.  Sure enough, they are the feathers that are used to tie flies for fishing!  Who would have thought?

So, with her Birthday money burning holes in her pockets, she asked me to order her feathers for her hair.   So, being the good Mom I am, I found some on Etsy and ordered them.

A couple of days later I got an envelope in the mail with a little bunch of feathers.  
She's lucky she looks cute, and is oh so happy.  
And that it was her money, because whooowheee! They are pricey for a few little feathers.

Oh well.  Can you put a price on that happiness?  

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  1. yeah, i've seen those. they look very cute on her.