Saturday, June 11, 2011

Feeling good....

I'm not sure I've shared with you before that I am a moody person.

I naturally sway a bit to the depressed side, but I've found I can control it if I exercise regularly.  I envy those people who are naturally happy....but not so much that I haven't learned to accept myself the way I am.  

I am always shooting for even keel...

But today, I actually feel really good!  I have a nice cardio high working...I actually made a few sales at the retail shop!  And I am feeling inspired to make more things for Faithful Treasures.  

People actually paid retail for something I made!

And I didn't sell myself short on what I wanted for the stuff either. 

I generally find it gauche to see posts....."like, omg!!  I just sold my blah, blah, blah....sprinkling sales dust....teeheehee"

I mean I know people are excited to make a sale.  Believe me, I know.  I get very excited every time I sell something.  But it always sounds braggy to me.

But I'm just so excited I had to tell!

Anyway...I made a few pieces for Faithful Treasures.  Mainly hand stamped name pendants, and one necklace...

~Faithful Heart~

I tried out a different bail than I usually do.  I soldered the jump ring to the top of the disc rather
than drilling a hole.  I like this look much better.  It also allows more design space.

I also used the same star that I used in the Teacher's gifts.  I really like them quite a lot.  And stars are pretty popular down here in the Lone Star State....

I'd like to continue to grow my line of hand stamped name jewelry.  I'll eventually add these to one of my online shops.  Actually probably both of them.  My poor Big Cartel store is in desperate need of some inventory...

Oh, and I forgot to tell you.  Another reason I'm happy is that we are slowly but surely working on moving me into the biggest available room in the house.

It is technically supposed to be a formal living room.

But we really aren't "formal" people.  ;)

So, it's been my library and the girls' playroom since we've lived here.

The girls are getting older, and they don't really need a play room anymore.

So...It's going to be my new studio!

We custom ordered a door for the room so visitors won't walk in and go  "oh, a work shop.....nice....".

We loaded up a bunch of the girls' junk, and moved it out of there last night.

I will post pics after the move!

Have a fabulous day all!  :)


  1. Wow- congrats on all of your happy news! Glad to hear you're feeling good today. I see what you mean about your hand stamped work being made of thicker metal- it absolutely appears to be superior quality to most of that stuff that you see out there. And I love the bail design. Don't feel braggy! We love to hear about successes too!

    I actually have to say...this post made me feel a bit better. I too struggle with feeling naturally happy, and the smallest thing can put me in a funk. This am I drove out to the pool (swimming/ a good, long, hard workout is one of the only things that can make me feel GREAt all day) and it was closed for a swim meet. So I'm feeling cranky about it and just down today. I guess it feels good to know that I"m not the only one who struggles? It feels stupid to feel sad when your life is so good, you know? But it is how it is.

  2. Thanks Nancy! I am exactly the same way. Sometimes a small disappointment is hard for me to shake off. I've been cranked many a time showing up to the gym for my favorite class with my favorite instructor, and it's a substitute! Bah! ;-)

  3. Amy, I'm not a super happy all the time person either. I am am massively moody. Thanks to hobbies though, I haven't fallen back into depression for some time now. But I definitely still have many 'down' days. So you are totally not alone in the mood department lol. Grats on the sales!!! I haven't had any in forever and it's definitely put a dampener on my creative mojo :( How exciting that you get to move to a bigger room! Can't wait to see :)

  4. Some of my best friends are moody people...happens to the best of us. Congrats on your sales and your good mood...keep it up :-).