Monday, April 25, 2011

RAW52-13 Adjustable ring band...

I've been wanting to make rings with adjustable bands for awhile now. This is the result of a bit of an experiment to create the best adjustable band with materials I had on hand. I'm quite pleased with the results. I took it for a test run myself.

The stone is Chrysocolla, and was cut by Ed of Stonesinmotion on Etsy. Although it has a few bits of boulder in it, you cannot deny what a gorgeous color this stone is. Almost opalish in consistency. Not really transparent, and not completely opaque. Just luscious :)

I like the adjustable band well enough to want to make more, now I just need to find the time!


  1. It looks gorgeous and very sturdy! That's got to be the strongest looking adjustable ring band I've seen. The stone is beautiful too- I like the pieces of boulder in it, it gives the stone some depth.

  2. Nice job on the adjustable band - I love making them and I think they are so practical. Gorgeous stone also.

  3. This is very different from any of the other adjustable bands I've seen...great job, Amy! As Nancy said, it looks very sturdy :-) I hope you can find time to make more...I'm sure they'd be very popular! Love the chrysocolla too :-)