Thursday, April 28, 2011

Artisan Ear Wires!

Hot Air Balloon in Sterling

Hot Air Balloon in Copper

Hot Air Balloon in Brass

Hot Air Balloon in Gold Fill

Rotund in Sterling

Rotund in Brass

Rotund in Copper

Rotund in Gold Fill

Dog Ear in Sterling

Dog Ear in Copper

Dog ear in Gold Fill

Dog Ear in Brass

Wrapped in Sterling

Wrapped in Brass

Wrapped in Gold Fill

Wrapped in Copper

Zig Zag in Sterling

Zig Zag in Copper

Zig Zag in Brass

Zig Zag in Sterling

Squared Off in Copper

Squared off in Brass

Squared off in Sterling

Short Swans in Brass

Short Swans in Gold Fill

Short Swans in Sterling

Short Swans in Copper

Long Swans in Brass

Long Swans in Copper

Long Swans in Gold Fill

Long Swans in Sterling
Whew!  I've always enjoyed making ear wires, and haven't been keeping up very well with listings in my Ruby Mountain Beads  shop on Etsy.

Part of it has been lack of time for it, partly keeping up with adjusting prices to keep up with the ever changing metal prices...

I've got all kinds of excuses.  

But, the other night I sat down with my wires, and started making ear wires.  I am offering many of the same styles of ear wires I use in my own earring designs, and have plans to offer more styles.  

I want to do a bunch with ball ends too.  Brass and copper included!

So, these are all listed now in my Etsy shop.  And....I've got some bronze wire on the way, and soon I'll be able to offer findings in that metal as well.

I also have plans for clasps, jump rings and head pins.  The problem I'm always up against is time.  My family always comes first, and they are a demanding bunch!  :)

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