Saturday, April 2, 2011

It ain't pretty...

But it's all mine.  And I'm grateful for the space!
And, it's as clean as it will probably ever be, so I thought I would show you where the "magic" happens!  :)

My home studio is in the room formerly known as the office/husband space.
I started out working from a table in the living room, and I never really liked it much.
When I really started to need more space, and hubby wasn't ready to give up his office, we decided that I could set up camp in the master bathroom.

This entailed taking out the jacuzzi tub that my husband always hated, a sink and some counter space.  We'd been thinking about remodeling the bathroom, so we figure that if my jewelry making days were cut short, we'd just carry on with the remodel. 

Well, it wasn't long before I outgrew that space as well.  And luckily hubby was finally ready to give up the office.

So, the above picture is what we consolidated the "office" into.  It all fits on one wall on the left hand side of the room.  Hubby moved all his man junk into the spare bedroom.  Now our poor house guests have to be subjected to his framed Michael Jordan jersey, guitars, and miscellaneous other junk.  ;)

And it's really handy to have the desktop in the same room that I work in.
 This is the corner that begins my work space.  The rainbow colored bins belong to the girls to keep all their arts and crafts junk in.  They really get in the way, but we don't really have anywhere else to put them.
 This is my enameling station, I have all my enameling stuff on top of the table, and underneath is storage.  All the boxes on the left house my bead and cab collections, and you can see two bags of low fire clay that we've been playing around with.  The drawers on the right are home to my wire, metal sheet, templates, some tools on the bottom.  The top drawer is sort of my catch all drawer, and it has loose beads and cabs and junk in it.
 There's my tv and cable box.  Although I really don't watch that much tv in here.  The little drawer set has all my files, flex shaft stuff, basically all my little tools.  
 This is the bench I mainly work at.  Hubby built it for me out of wood he had around the house.  It is very solid and sturdy.  He also built me the little step thing that I have my charcoal block and 3rd and 4th  hands on.  The inside of the box has all kinds of loose components, cabs, beads, you name it, it's in there.  

You can also see my handy dandy torch and my "ventilation" system.. I usually have the window open, and on the window sill I store all my metal stamps.  I have to put the curtain down so the I could get a decent picture....
 Here we have pickle pot, flex shaft, saw, tumbler, corkboard, etc...
 I don't really use the table except to hold all my junk.  The wine and beer bottles aren't so I can drink on the job, they have used acids in them.  You can also see all my storage containers, one for packaging stuff.  One has all my metal clay tools and stuff.  One has wire bolts.  Tools, just all kinds of junk really.

You can also see our lovely paper recycling box, and the shelves that hubby might someday put up for me.  

And also, our dog's "house".
 And here we have worked our way back to the beginning.  Notice the concrete floor?  We ripped out the carpet when I moved in here. 
And, here is the painting Isabella made me for a sign to hang on my door.  I just haven't gotten around to hanging it yet.

And that concludes our tour for today.  I think it's always interesting to see someone's work space.
Like I said, mine isn't pretty, but it's completely functional and serves my purposes well.'s a lot better than the bathroom!


  1. It looks pretty have everything you need in a compact, easy-to-use space. I look at it this way, for me, the larger the space, the bigger my mess would be. It is fun to see where others create their masterpieces...thanks for sharing yours. Hope you have a great time with your mom & sister!

  2. almost looks like you're outgrowing this one too! Thanks for the tour! I love seeing other people's studios. And you know those ones you see online all prettily decorated, etc? You just KNOW they don't get any work done in there, they just wanted a pretty place to "work". So serious artist you must be!

  3. Great space! Mine is an utter disaster right now. I really need to make some time for organizing it and cleaning it up again. Storage is always a problem for me! I think the more space you get the more you'll need ha ha