Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Please pardon my lack of pictures. I always enjoy reading blogs and looking at beautiful photos, but I just haven't been spending that much time behind the camera lately. As a result, boring photoless posts.

We had an interesting long weekend. Saturday night we ventured out to the new Cowboy stadium in Arlington to see TCU play Oregon State. My husband is a football fan, and enjoys live sporting events, so he wanted to share that experience with the girls.

And what an experience it was! We unknowingly purchased tickets in the student section. Which would have been fine if we didn't have the girls with us. Different people kept wandering in and out from the same section of seats, and had at least 2 people to every seat. Not that they ever actually sat down or anything...and of course they were all drinking.

The entire game was spent just on the verge of an altercation between the college kids and an older couple sitting directly behind us. I was disturbed at the lack of respect shown by these kids to their elders. One girl argued with the gentleman at length, trying to justify their behavior.

I enjoyed the people watching more than the game which we could only see from the gigantic screens suspended over the field. My oldest daughter was fine and was ticked off when we left early. My youngest was fine at first and then became increasingly ticked off that she couldn't see anything. And was pretty vocal about it. Not that anyone could hear her... "Mom......they're acting as if no one is behind them at all!!!" in her most incredulous voice.

I really must get out more. I was rather amused by the whole thing. The whole adventure was
cut short after we got a beer shower from some drunk college student who threw his beer in the air, jubilant at TCU scoring a touchdown.

On Sunday, we went to friends house for dinner. On the menu? Duck three ways....we'd not tried duck before, and were quite impressed. Dinner was fabulous, the company wonderful, and the kids had a blast. It is so nice for them to be old enough to be trusted to hang out with their friends and hopefully stay out of trouble. Just really a lovely evening.

Today and yesterday seem to have disappeared, I didn't get any work done. I am excited to be spending the entire time the girls are at school tomorrow at the bench though. I went fabric shopping today and found the fabric I want for my tablecloth for the show. So, now I'll have to dig out the sewing machine. I'm giving myself until the 15th, and then I'm going to do a trial set up of my table and see what I've got. That will give me some time to fill in any gaps and refine my set up. I've got just over a month, but I know the time is going to fly...


  1. Hmn...getting out more=yes, but, avoiding college students is always a plus. Sadly, the generations of respecting elders (or anyone) amongst America's youth is over. Blame it on whatever you want, but, I feel that things like that come from home. ANYWAY, glad you had fun despite:)

  2. I'm surprised they would sell student section tickets to non students. NOT a good plan sounds like.

  3. Welcome :)
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