Monday, September 13, 2010

Legs like a new born colt.....

Not that I've actually seen the legs of a new born colt, but who hasn't seen the scene where the colt is born and then he tries to stand on his wobbly little legs. Just a shakin and a quakin. All cute and stuff.

So, I decided to add back in a Monday morning work that I dropped, like a year ago. It was brutal. My legs feel like lead weights on monday mornings. The class starts at 8:30, and I really think that it's about 30 minutes too early for me. Once I get back into the swing of things with Monday as part of my normal routine, I'll feel better about 9:00. Today I only felt better the last ten minutes.

Long story shorter, lots of squats have given me the legs of a new born colt. Shaky and quaky with soreness already slipping in.

I've been "watching" season one of Northern Exposure while I work for the past week. I mainly just listen to it, catching little snippets in between whatever I'm working on. I play it over and over, until at one point or another I end up watching the whole thing.

I love this show. I've seen it several times before, and every few years I miss everyone in cicely, Alaska. I'm captivated by the moose, and the Native American culture, which in the 1990's they called themselves Indians. And I'm bummed that I have to wait for NetFlix to send me disc 2. But, it will be here soon enough.

Sorry again for the no photos. It's just that not having the pressure to list something allows me to work differently than I usually do. I'm building a pile, working in stages. I suppose I could do process shots, but I'm too lazy and besides that, making metal jewelry isn't pretty. It goes through some really ugly stages before it's finished. I think seeing it like that takes away a little bit of the thrill of a piece.

I hope you all have a fabulous week!


  1. Working is the important part. I think we can all feel your happiness, and I'm willing to wait for photos:) Squats will kill, that's for sure!

  2. If you like Northern Exposure you'd probably really like "North of 60" as well. It's a lower budget Canadian series but it was a good one and ran for a really long time.

    PS- thanks for the lovin' on my blog. It means SO MUCH. xoxo