Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Custom Hand Stamped Jewelry with Birthstones ~ Even more New Designs!

I have introduced my new line of custom hand stamped jewelry before, but I have come up with some new designs that I am really excited about! The only example I have left to do in Sterling Silver is the disc that is still left in copper! I have plans to make myself one as soon as my silver order comes in.

These are 2 1/2" discs in sterling silver with gemstone birthstones. These little discs will only hold 4 characters each.

This pendant is made of two discs stacked together. The smaller disc is 6/8" and the larger 1".

This is a 1" disc with 2 longer names stamped on it, and a heart at the bottom. I would add the birthstone gemstones to this as well.

This is a 1" disc with 4 names stamped on it. I made this one for my sister as a family necklace. It is stamped with her husband's name, her name, and the names of her 2 daughters on it.

This disc is 7/8", and works well with longer names. This one has the birthstone gem, and a little sterling heart charm. So sweet!

I stamped this necklace with the initials of my Mom's grandchildren. Each disc measures 3/8". They are spaced by a bar and link chain, the links measure about an inch long.

I love this bracelet! It is the perfect size to accommodate the larger discs, and I can load this baby up with up to seven discs! The discs shown are 6/8".

This necklace is made up of 3 discs that measure 6/8". The sterling silver spacer beads space the discs perfectly to keep them from overlapping. (this necklace can only be made using the 1mm or 1.5mm cable chain)

The kids want in on the action too! I made this little id bracelet for my 7 year old daughter. Her favorite color is pink, so I used 4mm Rose colored Swarovski Crystals on a sterling silver chain. This could be made with the gemstones, or swarovski crystals. The gemstones are $ 4.00 a piece, and the crystals are $ 5.00 for all of them. The base price for the bracelet without the gems or crystals, including the silver name plate is $ 20.00

I made this one for my youngest daughter, it has her name, with 2 birthstones.

A small rectangle with a 6mm Swarovski Crystal. You can choose a gem if you prefer, or the sterling heart, or both.......

This is a sterling silver heart with birthstones. I can put children's birthstones, the whole family, the birthstones of your wedding party, grandchildren, whatever you desire!

This is a dog tag style necklace that I made for one of my daughter's friends. Hand stamped with name, and a small heart. Topped with two gems in favorite colors. Hangs from a 1mm sterling ball chain. The tag measures 6/8" long. $32

Another dog tag style for a friend of my daughter's. This one is 7/8" long. $ 35

This one was a custom order, the photos show the chain at 16" and 18". I love the chain on this one! $ 82

Here is a picture of the gemstone birthstones that I have in stock. They measure anywhere from 3.5mm to 4 mm. They are small, but are genuine gemstones. They are from left to right,

January- Garnet
February- Amethyst
March- Aquamarine
April- White Topaz
May- Emerald
June- Moonstone
July- Ruby
August- Peridot
September- Sapphire
October- Pink Tourmaline
November- Citrine
December- Apatite

Pricing List:

Sterling Silver Discs:

3/8" 1 initial $ 8.00
1/2" 4 characters $ 9.00
6/8" 7 characters $ 10.00
7/8" 10 characters $ 11.00
1" up to 23 characters $ 12.00

Sterling Heart Pendant (pendant only, no gems added, no chain added)

$ 20.00

Sterling Silver Chain with Lobster Claw Clasp:

16-18" 1.5mm Rolo Chain $ 18.00
16.18" 1.5mm Cable Chain $ 16.00

Gemstones, 6mm Crystals and Sterling Silver Heart Charm are $ 4.00 each.

Bar & Chain Bracelet with Lobster Claw Clasp $ 20.00

Bar $ Chain Link 16" or 18" $ 40.

Shipping and handling is $ 3.50 and includes a complimentary gift box tied with a fabric ribbon and placed inside an organza bag. It will all be sent in a bubble mailer. If it is a gift I will be happy to mail it for you with a gift card to the recipient.

I have listed the price of each component separately so you can build your own necklace or bracelet. Remember that this is your custom piece! if you have anything in mind that you don't see here, please contact me and let me see what I can come up with.

As far as payment, you can mail me a check, or I can send you an invoice through PayPal and you will be able to pay by credit card. As soon as I receive the payment I can get started creating your custom piece! I will let you know at time of purchase how long it will take me to get it in the mail to you.

These hand stamped necklaces make great gifts for mom's and grandma's, for anyone who loves personalized jewelry, and even for yourself! If you would like to place an order, contact me via e mail at and we can get started on your custom piece.


  1. You stamp beautifully. I need practice. I love your custom designs. You can't beat those prices!

  2. I really like the 2 disc-er and the wee little Anna one. It's funny, my niece is an Anna and a July baby, which looks to be what's pictured...ruby?? Anyway...I like where you're headed and I hope they sell!

  3. Thanks girls for the support! It is a ruby colored crystal Kris, my favorite next to the dark indigo.....

  4. Love Love Love these! I especially love the ones that say Anthony, Bryson and Frankie.

  5. I know Foodie! Aren't they the best? ;)

  6. I Know its hungry and so beautiful.
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