Thursday, October 29, 2009

The coolest thing that has happened to me as a jeweler,,,

I woke up this morning to a sale, which is always a good thing. I discovered the coolest thing that has happened to me as a jeweler though when I checked my Etsy convo's.

The woman who purchased this necklace is expecting her first child. She and her husband are adopting. She has plans to have three of these necklaces made with birthstones representing the birth Mother, herself and the baby. The birth mother, her daughter and herself will all have a matching necklace.

I got chills reading about it. I feel so honored to be a part of something so special. And a little pressure to get it just right when I make these!


  1. That is so cool, I will have to let my friend who facilitates open adoptions know about this. Thank you! My best to you and yours.

  2. Thanks Martha! I had never thought of it before, but it really is something special!

  3. Very very cool! I know that you will do a wonderful job for them. You rock!