Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

Well, I survived my less than 48 hours in Las Vegas. It was wonderful to see all my siblings and my mom. We really did have a great time. The only thing I was lacking was stamina! I am ashamed to say that even my mom stayed out later than I did! But in my defense, I was fighting against a two hour time difference.

I arrived at about 4:00 on Friday afternoon. My sisters Katie and Alyssa (the birthday girl!), along with my Mom, and my sister Alyssa's friend Rhonda picked me up and we went straight to our rooms at the Luxor. We stayed long enough to have a cocktail, and then decided to go see The Beatles Love Cirque De Soleil show. The first mistake we made was thinking we could walk to the Mirage from the Luxor. Turned out it was a 4 mile walk. Who knew the Las Vegas strip was so long?

Although I am glad we walked, because if we hadn't, we would have missed this:

Ok, I know no one else gets it. It's a terribly fuzzy picture. It's an inside family joke. When my mom decided to stop dyeing her hair, my dad started calling her the skunk. We had a great laugh over this poor lady's hair, and just had to take her picture so my dad could see that there are more skunk like hair do's out there.

We also saw this on our walk. Sexy.

We finally arrived at our destination, and saw a fabulous show. The Beatles Love Cirque De Soleil. Wow! It was absolutely fantabulous! The Cirque shows are always artsy fartsy, and I don't always catch everything that is being conveyed. I am a Beatles fan and consider myself to be familiar with a lot of their songs, but I didn't realize until this show how dark some of them really are. Or perhaps the director of this particular production just interprets them that way.

At any rate, it was a show worth every penny. The only thing that really mattered to me on this whole trip was that my sister got to do what she wanted to do, and that she had a good time. She loved the show, and her and her friend practically shut down the gift shop because they spent so much time checking out the merchandise.

After Alyssa purchased the Beatles hat, it didn't leave her head for the rest of the trip. It really was a cool hat and it looked great on her.

This post is getting very long, but I do have one more thing I want to share.

Only for the tremendous love I have for my sister did I go see the Bodies exhibit. Click here to view The Bodies website The Luxor also had a Titanic exhibit that I would have rather seen, but as I said before, it was all about Alyssa. And Alyssa wanted to see the bodies!
It was interesting and informative, and really creepy all at once.

The remaining time was spent with family and friends, cocktails and karaoke. No, I didn't sing. At least not on stage. I was perfectly happy singing along at our table. It was a whirlwind trip, but I am glad that I went. And glad to be home!


  1. fantabulous... Really? Did you chillax too?? ;P

  2. Welcome Home, sounds like a great trip. That two tone hair is too much.