Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My own kind of sneak attack.....

Click here to visit Handmade Movement Sneak Attack website

Have you ever heard of the sneak attack? If you are active in Etsy circles, chances are you have. I really like the idea of the sneak attack. For those of you who aren't crazy Etsians, the sneak attack is when a bunch of people purchase items from an Etsy shop with little or no sales. The idea is that you are really making some sellers day. Can you imagine? All of a sudden getting orders left and right? I mean literally? I'm sure it is an amazing feeling.

I have participated in one sneak attack. I bought 3 hand made cards. They were very lovely, and I felt good about making this seller's day. Every once in awhile I visit the site to see who the next "victim" is and check out their wares.

I'm sure everyone has heard of pay it forward. This is something else that Etsians have managed to make their own. They list an item from their shop for just the listing fee (.20) plus shipping, or sometimes they sell it for a price that just covers the materials. The idea here is, that if you buy a PIF item, you in turn do the same thing. List a PIF in your own shop, or do something else to pay it forward.

Both wonderful concepts. I've been thinking lately of doing my own form of the sneak attack. In a way I've already started. When I have a little extra money from sales, I purchase from someone I have gotten to know a little from the various on line venues that us Etsians frequent. So far they have been all soap sellers. Soap is a wonderful treat and generally affordable.

I've been one to hand make things all my life, and I can't believe it has taken me all these years to figure out that I should be supporting the handmade community. I plan on purchasing and making handmade gifts this Holiday season. I'm very excited!

So that is one part of my own little sneak attack, but the real part of my sneak attack is going to be something I do all year long. Every now and again, I'm going to sneak attack my friends, or family. Maybe send some jewelry to a friend I know who is going through hard times as a little pick me up. Or to a friend I know wouldn't buy anything for herself. Or as a thank you for something someone has done for me.

It does feel good to do things for other people, and while I love the thought behind the original sneak attack, I want to make it a little more personal. I want to touch the lives of the people in my life.

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