Monday, July 20, 2009

Where Ruby Mountain Beads Got Their Name

I'm sure you've been lying awake at night wondering, "Where did that name come from? Ruby Mountain Beads. Hmmmm......." Yeah right! At any rate, in today's post you will learn the answer to that question.

Those that know me from where I currently live will surely be scratching their heads trying to figure out where the Ruby Mountains are. Those who have known me from my youth immediately know the answer.

I grew up in Elko, Nevada. Close to there you will find a glorious mountain range. I can only assume that the mountain range got it's name from the way the peaks light up to a ruby red glow at sunset. There was many a night I drove up Lamoille Highway just to behold the beauty of the sunset. Amazing.

The first incarnation using the name Ruby Mountain was for a short lived stint my sister Katie and I had as candle makers. Ruby Mountain Candleworks. :) When I started making jewelry again, I needed a name. Ruby Mountain Beads came to mind with absolutely no thought and I just went with it.

My other Etsy shop, named Humboldt Supplies was named after a river that runs through Nevada. This one didn't require a lot of thought either, but seems to work.

The photo above is of a lake in the Ruby Mountains that is only accessible by foot. Isn't it beautiful? Think twice before jumping in though. The water is sourced by melting snow and is extremely cold!

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