Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I went to a bead show a couple of weeks ago. Before I had even gotten there, I promised myself I wasn't going to go overboard. I was not going to buy anything unless I could really use it.

I did so good until I ran across these square/diagonal beads of Apatite. Are they not gorgeous? The patterns, lines, swirls, of varying shads of aqua blue. Some browns, grey, almost white too. Apatite!!! Where have you been all my years of beading that I have never had the pleasure of meeting you? You are beautiful and I love you!

I made these earrings to post in my Etsy shop. http://rubymtnbeads.etsy.com

I named them after the way I imagine the Mediterranean must look like.

I have a bracelet I am using these in. It is in the pile of things waiting to be finished.

I am continually shifting gears to a new project before an old one is completed. I plan on having a "Finish all un-finished projects" day soon. Right after I finish the newest earrings I am working on ;).

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