Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I create! I hope. I've been filling orders, and have been fooling with some Amy style pet tags.

I'm using my brother's and sister's pets as testers on designs.

Except the yikes! one. Turns out that one was actually supposed to be Yipes! Thankfully it was for my brother and not a real customer. That would have been horrifying! And I've learned design ideas that I'll keep, and ones that I won't. I am being mindful of function. I'm taking my time developing pet tags I really love before I put them up for sale. :)

But really I haven't been feeling creative lately. I've been likening it to the times when farmers let the fields lay fallow. You know? Letting myself rest so I can be more fruitful.....At least that's what you hope it is. The other nagging voice is that you'll never have another good design again.

Happily I have a couple ideas floating around that I'd like to work on. First a Valentine. Next a belt buckle. Wanna know why? Because I want to see if I can. And oldest needs to dress western :) Perfect reason to give it a go.

I am looking forward to spending some time making something tomorrow. I'll be back soon to share :)