Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fletching Feather Hoops

I knew the inspiration before I knew it's name.

I made these for myself to wear on vacay. I guess you could say I'm going for a total southwestern vibe. It all began with this purse:

It's by Vera Bradley and the pattern is Sun Valley. I'm not ordinarily a purse carrying type of girl. I travel light. But I think this will be handy to carry stuff in while traveling.

So then I made the earrings. And now I'm thinking a necklace would be nice too. And now I have a necklace nearly finished that I'm making for myself as well. :)

I'll share tomorrow......

Friday, July 5, 2013


I found this bright green grasshopper in the flower garden yesterday morning.

I gave the girls 4th of July mani/pedi's. They were excited for fireworks last night. Last year we were in Monterey, CA on the 4th and they don't do firework displays. The girls were really hacked off about that. We really enjoyed the firework display here. It was a beautiful night, the weather temperate.

Going to the waterpark. Again. This time my husband came too, and the girls had fun taking him on all the rides and slides.

WIP ceramic necklaces for a special order.

This. :) I've got better pictures that I'll share later.

And this dragonfly. I've never seen one this big before. He was hanging out in our yard today.