Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Starry Night...


~Starry Night~

These asymmetrical earrings are made up of two cabs of Koroit Boulder Opal (cut by Ed on Stones in Motion on Etsy), and a faceted silver moon and star.

My first attempt at a hand made prong setting!  I had a lot of fun with these earrings.  I've been hoarding the stones for some time, as I am wont to do.... 

The rivers of purple blue opal running through the boulder peak in and out, here and there in these stones.  And of course, I couldn't capture the beauty of the opal rivers amongst it's boulder home.  

And, I am still on a moon kick.  With stars.  There is just something about working with stones that flash that make me think of the moon.  And I am drawn to working with flashy stones right now.  I have a Magic Moon necklace on my bench as we speak!

These earrings are available for purchase.  
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  1. Cute! Great job- I would never have known it was your first time with hand pronging!