Saturday, November 26, 2011

Garnet and Sterling Silver

 I am wavering a bit on a name for this ring.  
The hand stamped band is along the same vein as the Turkish Delights charms I made awhile back.
The deep red of the garnets make me think of a Turkish Sultan.  
(and most specifically the Sultan's Harem)
Garnet is such a sexy, sultry color...

 I must say I am quite pleased with the band.
I am amassing quite a collection of stamping tools.
Using them in this manner makes me think of Zentangles.
I just start stamping and one thing leads to another.
I use this stamp and that to fill in spaces.
There is something about the repetition and methodical concentration 
stamping by hand requires.
I got a new squarish ring mandrel that is supposed to produce rings
the true shape of the human finger.
The shape is very comfortable, and keeps the ring in place quite nicely!
 I really needed repetitive this week.  
My heart has been heavy for some time now.
Thank God for my work. 
I don't know what I would have done without it recently.

I went back to a favorite design element of mine.  
I just love the four stone cross.
Texture galore.
Heavy gauge sterling silver and gallery wire bezels.  

Yes, I think her name is the Sultan's Harem.  
I just can't get away from that sense of the
when I wear this ring.

US Ring size 8 
or made to order in your size.

still available as a made to order item though!


  1. Absolutely beautiful...the ring band is fabulous and I like the shape of the band...the name for the ring is perfect.

  2. I love this ring. It is so romantic looking. Very nice.

  3. Amy,
    That ring is positively gorgeous!!
    Beautiful work.

  4. The band is wonderful....lovely design overall...hope you're feeling better.♥

  5. Really nice Amy! Love the design on the band. I've been thinking of a square mandrel too. Do you find it true to size once made??

  6. Thanks girls! The squarish mandrel I got from Otto Frei, which I didn't know until I got it, doesn't have sizes on it. So I made the band on my round mandrel, a size 8. But then I formed it on the squarish mandrel, and it feels like an 8, but when I put it on the round ring mandrel with the sizes, it measures a 7.75. Weird....

  7. You did a GREAT job! I can really get into stamping sometimes too, gotta be in the proper mood.


  8. Clean and super beautiful - I am sorry you feel down - I bet it's hard to be blue when looking at that gorgeous piece!! :) xoxox

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE my fab Turkish ring!!! Thanks so much for this beautiful piece, Amy! It is MORE beautfiful than the pictures and the details and stones are amazing! Oh and the band is soooooo unique and gorgeous! LUCKY ME to find YOU!!!xoxo