Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Pre-Holidays!!

I have been going through my shop all morning, and still have more editing to do, but I am so excited I just needed to tell you all now.  I'm having a pre-Holiday sale in my shop!!!  I went through each and every item, and marked a lot of items down by 20%.  If an item is not on sale in my shop, then it is already listed at the best price.

I put up a picture of my Holiday wrap,  and I am also offering direct shipping to your gift recipient.  I've been thinking about this sale for awhile now.  I really wanted to be able to offer a sale that would give my fabulous customers a bit of a break when purchasing Holiday gifts this year.

Some of my best stuff is included in the sale.

I hope you get a chance to drop in and check it out.  You can visit the sale section in my shop by clicking here:


  1. How wonderful, I'll go check it out. Isn't it exciting when you figure out something like this?

  2. You do such beautiful work. Your craftsmanship is far above a lot of the other stonesetters selling online. Your rose is gorgeous.