Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Still plugging along...

I alternate between enjoying working at a slow pace, and anxiety at thinking I'm not working fast enough. I saw a blog post the other day whose title was "It's June. Time to get ready for Christmas" And I'll be darned if it isn't true.

The only show I did last year, and the only one I'll do this year is a little art festival they do at my church. I love it because it really is nothing like your typical church bazaar, and I did pretty well there last year. So, last year, I did it with a friend of mine, and we used all her props for our table. Mind you, our table looked good. I would like to start investing in some of my own stands and props and mirrors and things. Really make it my own.

I started checking out earring and necklace stands. Now I have to decide which sizes to get. The one earring rack I really like holds 72 pairs of earrings. Let me say that again. 72 pairs of earrings!!! And I know I should get it, because then maybe it will make me force myself to really build up a good inventory. I will need the inventory between the show and the holidays.

So I've been doing that research, and taking my time planning how I really want my table to look. I also need to get myself registered with the state, all official and stuff, and start collecting taxes and filing forms. You know. All the gross stuff. The no fun stuff. And then I need to look into being able to take credit cards. Ok, I'm stressing myself out just thinking about it all.... ;)

Anyway... I am still plugging along. Working slowly but surely.
Custom order: Dogwood branch with Turquoise ring
Green Moss agate in sterling silver necklace
This beautiful green moss agate cab is one that I bought from SassyGlassJewelry. Sandi's husband Jim is making cabochons! And they are lovely! I have already been lucky enough to snag several, and this is my first piece. A beautifully cut cab that set like a dream!

I had originally planned to continue my boxwood branch design with this green moss agate. But, alas, it wasn't in the cards, and remembering my plan to work with less constraint, I just picked it up and started working. I've been wanting to try piercing and sawing, and well, here you go! When I named it, the only thing I could think of were tadpoles! Swimming around a sea of green moss. I had a comment on my Flickr photo that they looked like paisleys. And they do! Probably sounds nicer than tadpoles....but I can't help it. I still see little bent fishy type bodies swimming around the green moss...

I hope to have a couple of rings to show you later. Have a fabulous day!! :)

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