Thursday, February 20, 2014

New Earrings!

I began this series of earrings last year in December.  They have grown slowly.  All the while I have had a vision of what I wanted these earrings to be.  I wanted the craftsmanship to be perfect.  I must say that I am very pleased with the way they turned out. 

Ornate and elegant.  Sophisticated and beautiful.  Everything I was hoping they would be. 

I do have one problem though.  I envy artists who are able to put into words their exact inspiration.  Inspiration often comes for me as a thought that continues to grow and evolve.  Feelings and emotion all tangled in there as well.  I have trouble defining and communicating my inspirations. 

I began this series while deep in the throes of A Game of Thrones.  I have read all the books, and am currently watching the TV series on DVD.  I've always been fascinated with Kings and Queens,  Ladies and Lords.  The court and the finery.  Gowns and jewelry.  Swords, plate, crowns etc....

One of the reasons I have been so slow to put these up for sale, is that a name for the series escapes me.  I feel that the perfect descriptive name is just beyond my reach and I can't quite put my finger on it.  It's not Victorian, or Renaissance.  It's not Edwardian.   It still eludes me.  Maybe it will come to me and maybe it won't.  In the meantime my work must speak for itself.   Earrings fit for a Lady.

All these earrings have been listed in my Etsy Shop I hope you'll get a chance to stop by and check out the other photos. 


  1. You're not alone, I find it very difficult to name my work too. These days I don't bother so much, I feel like I'm sounding too pretentious. Those earrings are gorgeous by the way!