Thursday, January 24, 2013


that wasn't very much fun.  I just changed all the shipping prices in both of my shops on Etsy.  Shipping to the US didn't change, but the international rates doubled.  For those who haven't heard, the USPS has made significant increases to international rates.  It's crazy.  In my findings shop on many of my listings, the shipping is higher than the actual product! 

All I have to say is that it would be great if these increased prices would translate into better/faster international service.  I suspect it won't though.  I had a package take over 6 weeks to go to Canada.  And now my customers are supposed to pay twice as much for shipping, and still get crappy service?  Ugh. 

Ok. Vent over. 


  1. There was a bill put forth in Congress a while back to allow private shipping companies (UPS/FedEx/DHL) access to mailboxes so that they could deliver small packages. It went nowhere, of course....

    1. I was just thinking about why private companies don't ship letters and small packages! Why am I not surprised the government kept their monopoly? sheesh