Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A few new...

Sterling Melanite and Almandite Garnets
The setting was inspired by my recent Earth Moon Sun cuff.  The Melanite is a really thick cut, so I played a little with raising some of the other elements.  The faceted garnet on a thick slab platform, and the Woodland Rose on a pedestal.

 I love running things through my mill to get beautiful textures.  This one is a sea weed pattern.  Sort of scaly.  Sea dragons maybe?   Yes.  Now that I think about it they look like sea dragon scales!

 While making charm catchers for custom order necklaces, I decided that they would make great earrings as well!  This pair has already sold, and I like them so much I need to make more!

 More playing with textures on my rolling mill.  

 22 gauge sterling

20 gauge sterling

And last but not least, a few new pairs of fancy headpins for Ruby Mountain Metal

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