Monday, January 25, 2010

Finding my metalsmithing legs?

Ever hear the saying "find your sea legs" when becoming accustomed to being on a boat? Well, I am finding my metalsmithing legs. It took me almost a week after my beginning metalsmith class to pick up the torch again. I guess I still have a little bit of apprehension. I've decided that i just have to dive in and start making things if I ever want to find my metalsmithing legs.

So, here is the first of my offerings for the shop. I have named her Aiyana. It is a Native American name meaning forever flowering, eternal blossom.

It is a beautiful name, and fits this silver blossom perfectly. It will forever flower, preserved in sterling silver and Arizona turquoise.

I'm headed to the Etsy shop now to list it, and then on to other less exciting chores before picking up my torch again.

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